Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Greg Palast on the US Election, Trump, Paul Singer, and Argentinian Debt

The Vulture: How Billionaire Rubio Backer Paul Singer Made Billions off Argentina Debt Crisis.
Argentina has reached an agreement to pay U.S. hedge funds that have sought for 14 years to profit off the country’s debt.

Journalist Greg Palast talks about his recent article called "Rubio’s Billionaire Wins Ransom from Argentina.

Greg Palast explains to Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez that the billionaires behind Marco Rubio are not unhappy if he loses. The important point is that they rewarded their poodle. The "establishment" is only unhappy with The Donald because he could lose. Their concern is to stop a President Hillary or a President Bernie — both of whom are committed to putting the top donor to the Republican Party, Paul ‘The Vulture’ Singer, out of business.

He will spend what it takes to keep them out of the White House.

It’s a tangled story — but Greg Palast unties the knot in 8 minutes on this clip from Democracy Now

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