Friday, March 18, 2016

Here's what's single handedly keeping us out of recession

Social Security!

Social Security keeping us out of recession

Social Security keeping us out of recession!

Here's why the economy won't go into recession. The expansion in the Social Security rolls will necessarily mean increasing levels of government spending. It might not be a boom, but it's a broadening, guaranteed, income flow to tens of millions. This is single handedly keeping us out of recession. 

And these idiots in Congress want to do away with it. BUT NOT TRUMP!!!!!!!!


nivekvb said...

I met a guy once who run s little corner shop, a convenience store, which was in a depraved area. He was very right wing and moaned like hell about people being on benefits, but without social security his shop would have gone out of business. Unemployment was very high in his area, so the government was helping to keep his shop open. Some people, like this shop owner, are as daft as a brush.

Malmo's Ghost said...

Our financial overlords want to privatize SS to enrich Wall Street.

Well no fuckin way.

Trump 2016

Kristjan said...

Malmo, they have partly done that in Europe. These private pension plans are mandatory that are guaranteed to generate fees for banks. There is no way to refute them though, "we will have less taxpayers in the future, that's what they are for"

Michael Norman said...


Exactly. People like that are fucking ignorant/hypocrites.