Thursday, March 17, 2016

I will be giving a stock picking course on March 25. Find out more.

Attend my stock picking course.  Friday, March 25 from 9am NY time to 4pm NY time.

Stock picking course

I will be giving a stock picking course Friday, March 25. The course fee is $595. Here's what you will learn...

Here are some of the things I will teach you in my value stock selection course:
  • How to select high quality, dividend paying stocks below market value
  • How to time entry and exits with ease
  • How to correctly diversify your portfolio
  • Knowing when entire industry groups become undervalued
  • Picking the cream of the crop of stocks at huge discounts
  • How to have the proper "Mental Game"
Plus more.

For more info click below or, email me.

-Mike Norman

Stock picking course

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Footsoldier said...

I've been thinking about what you've been saying. It is not the size of the deficit that matters but the flow.

What about pensions ?

Osborne allowed people to take their pensions early in the UK and many took him up on his offer.

As deficits just represent our savings ( pensions). As people took them early the deficit would have shrunk. Yet, think of all of that spending power going into the aggregate demand.

Am I thinking along the right lines.

Ans where can I get info on the spending flow in the UK ?