Thursday, March 17, 2016

I'm in a Twitter fight with Frances Coppola

What's with this lady?

After she matter-of-factly says she "schooled" everyone here on this site with respect to "money supply" she says this to me.

Frances Coppola

I called her a "snob." Big deal.



Ben Johannson said...

Grandiose claims about "schooling" are classic signs of a narcissistic personality. Coppola has done little over the years but parrot the words of people a lot smarter than she.

Footsoldier said...

That's a joke Neil Wilson embarrassed her time and time again on his blog.

She was owned and ran away with her tail between her legs and never schooled anyone.She actually showed quite clearly how she didn't understand the monetary system.

Ben Johannson said...
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Footsoldier said...

She must have a split personality.

Tell her to go and read her own words on Neil's site so she can give Gollum a wee nudge.

Michael Norman said...

Well, according to her she "corrected" everyone's wrong thinking here. Including Neil's. And I have low self esteem. LOL!!

Michael Norman said...


I sent her, her very words.

Dan Lynch said...

"I called her a snob. Big deal."

She is just lucky you didn't call her a "moron." :-)

But not everyone has skin as thick as yours, Mike.

I don't want to take sides. I admire both of you.

Neil Wilson said...

You'll notice the approach. Insult everybody with a school marm "how dare you" attitude and then go into paroxysms of pity me pearl clutching when anybody has a go back.

It's a classic trick amongst metropolitan liberals.

Usual Internet rules apply - don't feed the troll.

Michael Norman said...

I don't care. I hate snobs and know-it-all's. I'm working on my inner "Trump." I insult.

Ralph Musgrave said...

Coppola gets involved in rows with just about EVERYONE. Among the many people she has blocked on Twitter is the thoroughly reasonable and always polite Ralph Musgrave...:-)

Ben Johannson said...

Ralph, blocking a man as inoffensive and amiable as yourself demonstrates her moral depravity.

Tyler Healey said...

Mike, I think Frances just enjoys a good tussle. :)