Monday, March 7, 2016

Larry Johnson — The USA of Torture

This should not be this complicated. Waterboarding, no matter what kind of euphemisms we use nor the excuses we use to justify the practice, is torture.…
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The USA of Torture
Larry Johnson


Dan Lynch said...

"If we embrace leaders who celebrate such inhumanity then we are laying the foundation for a lawless society ... Shame on Trump. Shame on Cruz. Shame on Rubio. Shame on Kasich. Shame on Clinton."

Ethics question: which is more unethical, torturing a person, or killing that person? How about the ethics of killing children by denying them medicine, like Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright did to Iraq?

It should be obvious that killing is worse than torturing. Every single American "leader" approves of killing foreigners who refuse to kowtow to us. Why are we outraged by Trump's support for torture but not by Bernie's support for drone assassinations? Could it be related to partisan politics?

Ignacio said...

Well Dan, given the current state of nihilism within USA leadership it would appear 'just fine' to kill people, but distasteful to torture other human beings.

Is a retorted logic, but the logic of nihilists after all, you won't make much out of it. Death is worshiped and fine, is a necessity of life, and furthermore you are in "a war against terror" hence rationalized that is fine.

But torturing? That's inhuman and brutal, no one would like to be tortured (but yes killed? again, a necessity of life and war). So torture equals the lose of owns soul, but killing is an act of God.

Is insane, but the power of rationalization is never ending.

Matt Franko said...

GWOT continues apace...