Monday, March 7, 2016

Mark Leonard — The New Interventionists

Another hilarious article at Project Syndicate. Why do serious people even publish there? This is on the level of Leonid Bershidsky's rants at Bloomberg View, although not quite as up to Paul Goble's raving at The Interpreter.

The "liberal" West led by the US got away with murder (literally in many cases) and now other countries like Russia are getting involved to protect themselves and their interests. What did the liberals think was going to happen. Oh right, they were going to sweep the board.

The neoconservatives believed (and still do) that by overthrowing "illiberal regimes," the strong tendency toward freedom that is the dominant force in human nature would spontaneously result natural order, which is assumed to be liberal. With some nudging, to be sure, to ensure a friendly regime taking power.

That has been shown to be a fantasy of immature and highly biased minds — at untold cost that is still unfolding.

Naturally, opposition to this insanity was bound to arise.

Project Syndicate
The New Interventionists
Mark Leonard | Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations

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