Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Millions Support Trump, here's why...

A different take on the Trump phenom from the Left.

So much easier to scold them for their twisted racist souls, to close our eyes to the obvious reality of which Trumpism is just a crude and ugly expression: that neoliberalism has well and truly failed.


Ben Johannson said...

A very good piece by Frank.

Bob said...

Ordinary folks are invisible to the chattering classes.

intajake said...


but Bernie's public healthcare AND tertiary education would be more attractive to me.

but I have no problem with strict immigration controls,
ending offshoring,and trade barriers.

I even like Trumps stlye,

not to mention calling BS on Bush,Iraq war and Saudi.

But I don't get Republicans why are they voting for a guy who basicly has left wing,pro-working people policies.

these are the same people who voted for Bain Capital Private equity Mitt romney

Tom Hickey said...

Trump's base is "white working class" aka blue collar workers aka Reagan Democrats.

Some Reagan Democrats are coming home to Bernie Sanders, too, although Bernie's based in largely Generation Screwed.

Tom Hickey said...

these are the same people who voted for Bain Capital Private equity Mitt romney

Not after Romney called them the 47%.

Trump is capitalizing on that mistake in skewering Romney and the GOP Establishment with it.

Bob said...

It was 50%


Bob said...


In the comment section:

Amazed by the spectacle on Mar 4, 11:18 AM said:
@Pot, meet the Kettle: I can certainly say that your points about Trump are valid, but you seem exasperated that somehow people aren't seeing it. I assure you that they do. But I just don't think that Trump's legion of supporters care about that. They are so angry with the establishment (on both sides), that they want someone to come in with a wrecking ball. Trump is their answer. My bet is that the more the Republican establishment gets in his way (i.e., with tactics such as the Romney speech), the "Frankenstein" embodied by Trump will only get bigger and stronger. My father said to me this morning over coffee, "the Republican party is destroying itself."

intajake said...

I swear 5 years ago these ppl were listening to Glenn beck,supporting the tea party ,and calling for spending to be reversed and Medicare and Medicaid and Dept of education to be scrapped.shunning any criticism of bush 's wars and going on about Jesus.

On the other hand,it is also pretty easy to find evidence that Bernie Sanders was very much against flows of immigration pushing down wages for low income earners.