Tuesday, March 1, 2016

teleSUR — Macri’s Priorities: Vulture Funds Come First

In his speech in the opening of the legislative period, Mauricio Macri established that closing a deal with the vulture funds will be his main priority in 2016. This is why he asked lawmakers on both sides of the alley to repeal the current legislation in matters of foreign debt so the government can pay the vultures. “It will depend on this Congress if we close this conflict, if responsibility comes first over rhetoric,” the president said, and demanded the MPs of his Let’s Change coalition build consensus with the left-leaning Front for Victory opposition.
Macri also referred to his foreign affairs agenda saying that his government had already started to build new relations with other countries and that Argentina had reestablished relations with the U.S. Since the diplomatic ties between both countries were never broken, it seemed a reference to the trip that security minister, Patricia Bullrich, made to Washington D.C. last week to sign cooperation agreements with U.S. security forces under the pretext of fighting drug trafficking.…
Are the global wars on drugs and terror subterfuges for a not-so-hidden agenda of global control?

Macri’s Priorities: Vulture Funds Come First

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