Friday, March 18, 2016

Voltaire Network — DynCorp mercenaries replace Academi mercenaries in Yemen

In Yemen, the Academi mercenaries (ex-Blackwater) have been killed one after the other by the coalition of Houthis and soldiers loyal to President Saleh. They have been replaced by new personnel supplied by DynCorp.
This private army will be paid for by the United Arab Emirates, to the tune of 3 billion dollars. DynCorp is the property of the investment fund Cerberus, directed by the Israëli Steve Feinberg and the ex-Vice-President of the USA, Dan Quayle.
You didn't think that the Saudis fight their own wars themselves, did you?

Voltaire Network
DynCorp mercenaries replace Academi mercenaries in Yemen
Translation by Pete Kimberley


Bob said...

I'd like to see a breakdown of where that 3 billion goes...

Random said...

Like any of this is new.

In a few years before 1962 a faction of the USA government set up launch sites for strategic nuclear armed missiles on the southern border of the USSR, in Turkey, a very short flight time away from Moscow, in order to have a first-strike decapitation ability.

The USSR obviously discovered this which is an act of aggressive war, and very moderately started putting similar missiles in Cuba, very slowly, as a negotiating tactic.

The so called “Cuban Missile Crisis” was actually the Turkish Missile Crisis, as it is known in parts of the world that are not overwhelmed by USA propaganda.

The factions that had installed the USA missiles in Turkey advised the President to use them immediately to wipe out the USSR, and if this causes a few dozen million or hundred million deaths on either side, God would sort out his own.

At this point there are different versions: that President Kennedy found out that there were USA nuclear armed missiles on the USSR border from the USSR ambassador, or that he had already found out and had just ordered their dismantling.

All versions that I have read say that the nobody had informed the President that an act of war involving nuclear warhead missile launch sites had been done.

To budget the money to build a series of missile launch sites in Turkey, and to move and enable a large number of strategic nuclear warheads, *without telling the President*, requires the cooperation of a number of people at the very highest levels of military and political authority, because it is black treason on a colossal scale.

President John Kennedy and the Attorney General Bob Kennedy were horrified by the treason and apparently planned to investigate and purge the traitors, but they were both assassinated in “ambiguous” circumstances before they could. Lol.

nivekvb said...

Excellent article, Random. Thanks. And thanks, Tom.

Its makes your wonder if there is any hope for mankind. On the whole people are nice to each other. We are courteous to people in the shops, restaurants, and social events we go to. We like to earn good money but we take pride in our work and we are pleased when our customers appreciate what we have done for them. All my neighbours are friendly. And on the while the society I live in is friendly too.

But war is big business, crikey, it goes against all the values I believe in! Britain is going to renew Trident even though we can blow the world to smithereens thousands of times over. Loads of bankers, top businessmen, and leading Tories are going to make a packet out of it, and they're laughing all the way to the bank. The aristocracy like to manufacture an enemy to keep us scared enough to pay £billions for even more Trident missiles, and to fund their war machine.