Thursday, March 17, 2016

Zn — Ian Brzezinski Reveals How to End the Economy of Russia

US economic warfare against Russia continues. Some advocate stepping up the assault. The usual suspects involved. Ian is a chip off the old block.

Fort Russ
Ian Brzezinski Reveals How to End the Economy of Russia
Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
Zn (Ukrainian media)


Michael Norman said...

This would be total act of war. Destroying the Russian economy could potentially kill millions of people. Russia would have every right to attack the U.S. militarily, even with nukes. Japan attacked the USA for a lot less--an oil embargo--in 1941.

This little shit, Brzensinski, should be fucking strangled.

Bob said...

Have Russia join the EU. The Troika are experts at ending economies.

Michael Norman said...

LOL. Good one, Bob!

Neil Wilson said...

Just think what would happen if Russia discovered its sovereign powers and started producing substitute goods and services?

It didn't take the Chinese long.

John said...

Neil, why do you think that is? Why is it so many countries refuse to emulate China's example? Have they bought into the neoliberal propaganda (their leaders are groomed by the online paedophiles of the LSE, Chicago, MIT and the rest for that very purpose), is it a power relation problem (whether external or internal), a bit of both, or something else entirely?

In Russia's case, it does seem somewhat inexplicable. They have huge natural resources and, on the whole, a highly educated population. They don't need anything from the outside world; if anything, it is the outside world which needs Russia's natural resources.