Saturday, August 6, 2016 — China openly offers Russia an alliance against NATO

Events are moving fast. China is apparently not waiting to catch up.

Fort Russ
China openly offers Russia an alliance against NATO, Antifascist online, August 6, 2016
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Today we witnessed an assassination attempt on the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky. Plotnitsky was wounded but his life is not in danger. He has even managed to issue a statement in which he accuses the Ukrainian government and the US special forces standing behind it for the attempt on his life. The Speaker of the National Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, went even further in his commentary. In his opinion, the attempt on the leader of the LPR means that Kiev has “opted for escalation.”
Fort Russ Exclusive: Plotnitsky failed hit means All-Out War

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Gary Hart said...

American’s have been duped by the media and the financiers who control this country into thinking that we won WWII and the cold war. Unfortunately the media is just a tool used by a criminal gang to keep us in line so that their bankers can suck the wealth out of the world. We shouldn’t be duped into a war with Russia and China. Putin has already promised that in another war the US will not go unscathed. Our bought and paid for politicians should break with their owners and reject this very dangerous policy of pivots and aggression. Trump presents a problem for the deep state in that he is a wild card. He says America first whereas the dual citizens say another country first. Trump may present our only way out of this. From what I have read I have no reason to think that Putin will back down.