Friday, September 2, 2016

TASS — Russia has no plans to limit movement of capital — Putin

"We have never moved away from the once approved principle to liberalize movement of capital. Even in the most difficult conditions of 2008-2009, I did not limit export of capital", Putin said.
"Such proposals were also voiced last year. We did not do it and we are not going to do it," he added.
Russia has no plans to limit movement of capital — Putin


Bob said...

Do they have plans to limit the movement of their people? Because that what happens when they mismanage the economy. Look at Latvia.

Tom Hickey said...

Actually, they had a brain drain after the collapse of the USSR, but it is apparently reversing.

The author is a Russian emigre to the US that is not sympathetic to the present government, but he points out that the so-called brain drain is mistaken, as well as the imagined rise in emigration. The problem he sees is the decline in the quality of the Russian educational system, which had been first-rate previously, but funding as been cut (because of imagined lack of affordability).

Bob said...

Russia is not hemorrhaging people nearly as bad as Latvia was, per capita. They lost population due to the extraordinary drop in male life expectancy following the collapse.

It's well-known that the best and brightest in every country can be poached by wealthier nations. That is one type of loss. When too many young people move away, it leaves a country filled with pensioners and a declining economy. I should know, I live in Nova Scotia, which is an aging province in Canada.