Sunday, December 18, 2016

Alexander Mercouris — Vladimir Putin outlines road map for Syrian peace settlement

Some sanity that also reflects the facts on the grounds.

The West opposes, of course. After all, "Assad must go." no matter what. That what is jihadi rule. What could go wrong?

The Duran
Vladimir Putin outlines road map for Syrian peace settlement
Alexander Mercouris


Bob said...

Perhaps the new Washington administration will help in getting the Turks to behave. Will the Kurds in Syria be sold down the river?

Tom Hickey said...

Welcome to the snake pit. DJT is going to lean that soon enough.

The only country that is capable of a negotiated settlement is Russia, since they have OK relations with Israel, a sine qua non, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, as well as Iran, and Turkey.

There is no political solution without Russia, and there is no military solution, as Russia just told Assad on the taking of Aleppo.

IF DJT is smart he will get behind Russia and broker a peaceful solution that none of the parties will be entirely satisfied with but will work well enough to end the conflict. I think Tillerson can figure this out and negotiate it., whereas Obama and Kerry were clueless and HRC was a madwoman.

After that they can get on to deal with the actual problem, the jihadis.

The Kurds are a special problem since "Kurdistan" includes territories of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran. So I don't see that getting settled in the foreseeable future.

Noah Way said...

The Deep State program is to divide the Middle East between US allies Israel and Saudi Arabia. Notice how the Israeli's didn't make a peep about the huge US weapons deal for the Saudis?

In this context the combined efforts against Iran make perfect sense as it is the last and largest part of the pie. Or would be if the fall of Syria hadn't been derailed (twice!) by Russia - which is of course another reason to vilify them.