Monday, December 12, 2016

Karoli Kuns — Josh Earnest: GOP Must Reconcile Their 'Patriotism' With Trump Support

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest wrapped Republicans and President-Elect Donald Trump in a Russian mantle this morning during his daily press conference.
With regard to Trump, Earnest pointed out that of course he knew about the hacks, because he "called on Russia to hack his opponent."*
"He called on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton, so he certainly had a pretty good sense of whose side this activity was coming down on," he continued.
This is very dangerous. It amounts to charging treason without using the word explicitly. The is the WH press secretary speaking on behalf of POTUS abut the president-elect. Incredible.

The air in the US has not been this poisonous since Nixon and the aim seems to be similar. Forget, "Assad must go." Now it is turning into, "Trump must go."

I said some time ago that the right was trying for a redo of the Civil War. Now it is the left. 

The Democratic Establishment is really going beyond unhinged.

Is the US starting to implode? 

Crooks & Liars
Josh Earnest: GOP Must Reconcile Their 'Patriotism' With Trump Support [Video]
Karoli Kuns

* This is a reference to what Trump said during the campaign in July.

Trump asks Russia to hack Clinton

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GLH said...

Maybe America has to implode for there to be real change.