Monday, December 12, 2016

Joseph R. Murray II — Democrats using Putin, Russia to delegitimize Trump

In September, I wrote, “If Trump wins in November, which is a real possibility, what will happen if an Obama administration claims a successful Russian hack? What will happen if the hanging chads of yesterday become a digital con of today?” Just over three months after I wrote those questions we might be getting our answer.
With the clock running out on his presidency and legacy, President Barack Obama ordered a full review of “foreign-based” digital hacks he and other Democrats claim were undertaken to influence the 2016 presidential election. Obama reportedly has demand the review must be completed before his final ride on Marine One.

Why would the outgoing lame duck Obama want the review before he departs? Simple, the departing president is trying to delegitimize the man taking his place.
The illusion that Obama must create to protect his legacy from a Donald Trump sledge hammer is that Trump is a Putin puppet; a Moscow Muppet. If Trump is tainted goods, then maybe, just maybe, Trump’s agenda can be slowed and Obama’s legacy protected. It’s a long shot, but it is Obama’s only shot....
The Hill
Democrats using Putin, Russia to delegitimize Trump
Joseph R. Murray II, Contributor

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Noah Way said...

The GOP is doing it too. At least the neocon wing, which is the vast majority.