Monday, December 12, 2016

Mike Whitney — The Democrats “Russia Hacking” Campaign is Political Suicide

The Democratic Party is doing incalculable damage to itself by shapeshifting into the party of baseless conspiracy theories, groundless accusations, and sour grapes. Hillary Clinton was already the most distrusted presidential candidate in party history. Now she’s become the de facto flag-bearer for the nutso-clique of aspiring propagandists at the CIA, the New York Times and Bezo’s Military Digest. How is that going to improve the party’s prospects for the long term? 
It won’t, because the vast majority of Americans do not want to align themselves with a party of buck-passing juveniles that have no vision for the future but want to devote all their energy to kooky witch-hunts that further prove they are unfit for high office....
Get it? The Dems lost ground everywhere because Obama didn’t deliver the goods. That’s reason number one. Second, Hillary didn’t address the issues that ordinary working people really care about. And what they care about is the economy. Money, security, jobs. Is that hard to understand?
People are afraid because things are getting worse not better. Their standards of living are slipping, they’re worried about their retirement, their jobs, their health care, and the pile of debt their kids have accumulated to go to college. They’ve lost confidence in the media, the congress, the courts and the president who promised change but never lifted a finger for working people his entire time in office.
That’s why Hillary lost, just look at the research.
The Democrats have no vision for the future, and without vision, the party will disintegrate which is precisely what’s happening. The Democratic Party is disintegrating before our very eyes. This latest “Russian hacking” diversion is just speeding along the process.
The Democrats “Russia Hacking” Campaign is Political Suicide
Mike Whitney


lastgreek said...

Hillary is shy about 160,000 votes of equalling Obama's 2012 popular vote total, and her lead in the popular vote over cocksplat is approaching 3 million -- and the count ain't done yet!

Considering how much she's supposed to be detested and Obama apparently sleeping at the switch for 8 years, I say that was a pretty good showing ... Electoral College vote loss notwithstanding, of course ;)

PS: Mitt Romney was played for a fool by cocksplat. What a humiliation -- all that money and still Romney went begging for a handout from cocksplat.

Bob said...

How's that recount going?

Anonymous said...

Obama didn't deliver the goods? No, he didn't. But that ship sailed in 2010. Once the Tea Party Republicans swept into Congress, Obama had little chance to overcome Republican obstructionism. But he managed to win in 2012, and since then, and especially since 2014, I think that people have given him credit for doing what he could. He is surprisingly popular for an outgoing President.

Tom Hickey said...

Obama is popular personally but not so much as a president that got stuff done. Of course, Obama had monumental obstruction to face, but he took a "bipartisan" approach to it that looked weak. He was not a fighter.

Voters likely thought that Hillary would have been more of a fighter than Obama, but a lot of them figured she would be a fighter for Wall Street instead of them, just like Obama.

Tom Hickey said...

How's that recount going?

Wisconsin over. Trump picked up 162 votes.