Saturday, April 1, 2017

Alexander Dugin — Modern Populism

This is a simple analysis of populism. Short and worth a read.
The people is neither left nor right. The people stands all at once for order and for freedom, for a powerful state and for social justice, for strength and for continuous holiday. The people easily unites opposites without even noticing. The people lives according to a particular logic that has nothing to do with the norms of modern political science or sociology. The people is always not what others think about it. It does not lend itself to be calculated or counted. It proceeds from a different logic than that of the Enlightenment and societies of modernity. In some sense, the people is very ancient. It is nurtured by the juices of eternity.…
Modern Populism
Alexander Dugin
Translated by Jafe Arnold

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Ryan Harris said...

It's hard to predict leaders who don't adhere to strict ideology or partisanship. Financial markets and businesses prefer predictability to good or effective policy.