Sunday, April 9, 2017

Assad Abu Khalil — US left: So Bernie Sanders now wants regime change in Syria provided Israel and Saudi Arabia are on board

Bernie's foreign policy — Israel and Saudi Arabia.

What a loser. Stop it with Bernie being "progressive."

Angry Arab News Service
US left: So Bernie Sanders now wants regime change in Syria provided Israel and Saudi Arabia are on board
Assad Abu Khalil | Professor of Political Science, California State University, Stanislaus


John said...

Given his voting record, this doesn't come as any great surprise really. The most "progressive" Democratic figure is what he always has been - a charlatan who has mastered the act of talking left but walking right, and millions of suckers look up to him as if he's MLK. The Democrats need to be destroyed, possibly more so than the GOPhers.

Forget social security, Israel is the third rail in American politics. At least social security gets debated in some fashion. Israel is another matter completely. Two options are available: slavish fawning or drooling, slavish fawning. And along the way, its wars of aggression, expansion, military occupation and colonialism must never be brought up in any way.

Penguin pop said...

This guy named Tatsu Ikeda (think i spelled his name right) on yesterday's Real Progressives livestream was talking about how enraged he was when he heard Bernie speak about Israel a few years ago. Bernie got so pissy when people in the audience were asking him about the two-state solution. He said something as to the effect of "shut up" and that was the end of it. Tatsu held his nose in when Bernie decided to run though he was very reluctant to support him at first. It wouldn't surprise me if this story was true,

Tom Hickey said...

Bernie is a Zionist like most US politicians.

Trump is a hyper-Zionist, as are the neocons.

John said...

Any deviation from racist Jabotinsky Zionism is de facto anti-semitism. Apparently, there is some hope. On the whole and as usual, the people are far to the left on Palestine-Israel than the politicians. Even though the people don't know the details, it's clear they think something isn't quite right with the story they're hearing of brave, plucky Israel against the monstrous Arab hordes. Norman Finkelstein tells the insightful story of needing police protection when giving lectures not so long ago. Now, he walks on campuses with no fuss. The tide has turned in that there is no longer hysteria among the public. They're willing to listen to the arguments. There are now Palestine solidarity groups all over the US, when perhaps twenty years ago there were none. The politicians are another matter entirely: to a man and woman they are more pro-Israel than Israelis. The Israeli press regularly print pieces that not only could never appear in the US press but would be considered anti-semitic.

lastgreek said...

OK, so he ain't "perfect" like his elder brother Larry (btw, he's a BDS supporter). But between Bernie, Billary (it's a package; it always was), and the orange bloat, Bernie was the best choice ... relatively speaking ;)

Larry Sanders‏ @LarryforWitney 2 yrs ago
Israel end occupation of West Bank, siege of. Gaza, Palestinians in Israel equal rights. Netanyahu obstacle to peace. BDS yes

Penguin pop said...

Larry seems like my kind of guy, greek.