Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sean Gallagher — Wikileaks releases code that could unmask CIA hacking operations

The release was of a repository of code for the CIA EDG's obfuscation tools called Marble. The tools were used to conceal the signature of the implants developed by CIA from malware scans, to make it more difficult to reverse-engineer them if they were detected, and to figure out where the malware came from. University of California at Berkeley computer security researcher Nicholas Weaver told the Washington Post's Ellen Nakashima, "This appears to be one of the most technically damaging leaks ever done by WikiLeaks, as it seems designed to directly disrupt ongoing CIA operations.”...
Ars Technica
Wikileaks releases code that could unmask CIA hacking operations
Sean Gallagher


Ryan Harris said...

I wonder if the CIA could be held liable for damages from their viruses that disrupted US businesses under the Federal Tort Claims Act. I don't know if Gov Employees were acting with negligence or intentional misconduct.

Noah Way said...

You should know by now that the CIA isn't liable for anything.

Drug dealing, arms dealing, money laundering, overthrowing governments (including this one), etc., all in a day's work.