Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Andrew Spannaus — European Union’s Democracy Dilemma

The European elites want the European Union as a means for controlling the Continent’s economies, but that often requires overriding the popular will of nation states, a dilemma for “democracy,” explains Andrew Spannaus.

Capitalism and democracy are antithetical, since capitalism entails elite control while democracy takes the interests of all into account.
The case of Ireland shows the preferred method of European institutions for consolidating E.U. authority. First a goal is set, and then the method is chosen to meet it. If the most influential European politicians agree, the consent of the governed becomes merely an annoying detail to get around however possible....

The preferred method for moving forward with European integration raises serious questions. If the only way to create a United States of Europe is to avoid consulting the people, why should the goal even be pursued? The response often heard is based on circular reasoning: Europe needs to be built in order to meet the needs of the people, then the people will understand why it’s so important.…
The decision is taken chiefly on the basis of elite interests assuming that elites know best and what is good for them will make everyone's life better. If not, those left out did not try hard enough to make it work for them.

Consortium News
European Union’s Democracy Dilemma
Andrew Spannaus

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