Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Finnian Cunngham: Putin Offers Washington the Red Pill, Washington Takes the Blue One

In an extraordinary moment this week, Russian leader Vladimir Putin offered Washington a challenge to discover the truth over sensational US media claims that President Trump had leaked top-secret information to Russia. Washington rebuffed Putin's offer.
It was akin to the iconic scene in the sci-fi movie, The Matrix, in which protagonists are offered a red or blue pill. Consuming the former leads them to awaken to the truth, however painful that awakening might be from shattering erstwhile illusions. Ingesting the alternative blue pill allows one to continue in a state of illusion, albeit in the form of slavery to The Matrix. 
Further to the Kremlin rejecting claims of Trump sharing classified information with Lavrov, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who described the media frenzy gripping the US over Trump and his alleged Russian collusion as "political schizophrenia," went one step further and offered to provide transcripts of the meeting in the Oval Office, which took place on May 10. 
One way to get to the bottom of the fog is to read a transcript of the discussion, which is what Putin just offered. He added, with due courtesy, the proviso, "if the White House considered it appropriate," to provide the transcript. 
In other words, Putin was offering a red pill moment. 
If the transcript supplied by Russia - and it would be easy to verify it as bona fide - did indeed show Trump is telling the truth, then that would exonerate him. More importantly, the "moment of truth" would expose the US media reports of Trump being some Russian stooge as nothing but a giant fabrication.

The Red Pill, or the Blue Pill 


Noah Way said...

Brilliant. You won't see this in WaPo or the NYT. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Tom Hickey said...

Emotions are running so high over this, facts make no difference at this point.

The wheels are coming off, and a certain cohort is promoting this for political gain.

Politics as usual (political warfare) where the objective is to destroy opponents.