Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stephen Gowans Launches His New Book, ” Washington’s Long War on Syria”A new

A new book by Stephen Gowans shows the history of Syrian since the 1960's and how Washington has continuously tried to overthrow the regime by backing the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood. The Western press describes the Syrian regime as brutal, but the Muslim Alliance armed struggle was met with  armed resistance, just like it would be in any country. The pro democracy riots, that led the Syrian 'Syrian civil war', was not about pro democracy at all, but about the Muslin Brotherhood trying to impose a totalitarian Sunni Muslim state through armed rebellion. Western corporations have never been happy about the loss of control of control of Syria's oil wells. In the link there is a couple of good articles too.

The Western media, including the left mainstream media, has not presented the truth at all. When I watch the news I see nice, well educated, reasonable people presenting pure propaganda. Viewers would never believe that such nice people would lie, but newscasters just get told what to say, anyway.

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