Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump Tries to Get His Footing in the Washington Swamp: Firing James Comey While Moving Forward with Russia in Syria

Could Trump be carrying out some of his election promises? Let's hope so.

[The firing of Coney is] In short, what may be the first decisive counterattack from President Trump against the permanent government in Washington may have the effect of turning up the heat on him from the same forces that are determined to destroy him.

Most of all, they hope they can forestall any opening to Moscow by beating the drum on Russian interference with the US election and accusing Trump of removing Comey to hide his misdeeds.
The Comey firing comes just as we may now are beginning to see some small signs that Washington and Moscow are finally making a start in a common effort against the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. Throughout the 2016 campaign then-candidate Donald Trump repeatedly voiced the need to get along with Russia.

More dangerous in the long run are the many domestic US special interest groups who place their narrow goals and ambitions above the interests of American people. These groups, aided by the mainstream/fake news media, do not care about the misery and destruction around the world or the cost to America in blood and treasure caused by our misguided foreign policy since collapse of USSR. For them Russia is more useful as an enemy than as a friend.

It remains to be seen if Trump can beat back his domestic foes sufficiently to escape the straitjacket on his policy options. That is the real battle, and it’s beginning to get serious


Bob said...

Will they see eye to eye on Iran?

Bob said...

Hopeful Russians are so cute.