Thursday, August 10, 2017

Moon of Alabama — NYT - Russia Wants Innovation, But It’s Arresting Its Fraudsters

The NYT is at it again.
Propaganda works. The author of the NYT piece managed to convince his readers. Of the current 29 "Reader recommended" comments 28 are negative towards Russia. Only one commentator, from Vancouver, points out that the system worked as it is supposed to work everywhere. That the company was penalized for a fraudulent product and the responsible manager punished.
One wonders how the author of the piece, and his Russia bashing readers, would feel about insufficiently filtered air when they lie in intensive care.
Moon of Alabama
NYT - Russia Wants Innovation, But It’s Arresting Its Fraudsters

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Kaivey said...

Yep, that's how propaganda works. I ask readers in the Guardian CiF what has Russia actually done wrong? Then readers write in and say they invaded Crimea. Then I say that the Russian navy has had its main port in Crimea since Katherine the Great, longer than the US has been in existence, and so it had thousands of military personnel there. Then I tell that the Crimean people voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia. So not one shot was fired when the Russians took Crimea back, but when the US destroyed Iraq because of manipulated intelligence surely that was a greater crime. The rest of the world should sanction the US for war crimes, I tell the CiF readers. This turns their world up-side-down because they because they are so brainwashed, but sadly it is also human nature to believe your own side is good and the other bad, so the ruling elite in any country can get away with murder.