Thursday, August 10, 2017

Amir Toumaj — US to designate the IRGC, affiliates as terrorists

The milestone marks the first instance the US will designate the military branch of a foreign country for terrorism.
Anyone taking bets on where WWIII will start?

FDD's Long War Journal
US to designate the IRGC, affiliates as terrorists
Amir Toumaj | Research Analyst at Foundation for Defense of Democracies


Kaivey said...

Hilary was the war candidate so a lot of us hoped Trump would get in. The idea of a very right wing US government being more peaceful than the CIA, military -industrial complex supported Democrats was always perilous, but we hoped for the best. And then the 'peace candidate' won, but the ruling elite remained in power and the war policies remained, although a little softer on Russia. There are different factions of the ruling elite, but both are hawkish.

Washington has lost control, head drunk with hubris it thinks it's time to take on all those countries that aren't vassal states. The war drums are beating.

The US has a dying economy but its rich are wealthier than ever. They must know their time is numbered after looting the American economy before Chinese out compete them and take all their markets.

The ruling elite had a twisted narrative that making the rich richer would make the whole economy richer. Mainstream economists cheered them on, and so Western companies borrowed cheap and bought back their shares rather than invest new technology to boost CEO bonuses.

Now the US with its vast military sails the sea as bandits and pirates looking for the spoils of war. This is easier than investing in companies at home to make profits.

Western countries should have only bought what they needed from other countries and invested in their own companies instead creating well paid jobs at home. People would then be able to buy the products and services they made keeping the economy alive. The new technology would have given us a high standard of living without the need of slave labour from abroad. The rich would have been super rich, but maybe not quite the billionaires they are today. Alas, everyone could have been happy, but the thugs and criminals in control prefered greed instead, and they got the economists to even put 'greed is good' into their economic theories.

Matt Franko said...

If we end up having to nuke NK they may just think nuke Iran at the same time to get it all over with ...

Kaivey said...

Yeah, that's it, they couldn't give a f*ck.