Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jeff J. Brown — War between Anti-West and Eurangloland heating up fast

Wow, what a novel idea for the capitalist West. Do peaceful, mutually beneficial trade and exchanges together, without invasion, occupation, destruction, extraction and exploitation. Who would have thought?…
Hey, stand tall and be proud, Westerners. It’s what makes your plutocratic “democracy” and capitalism so great – for the handful of thieves running their vampire Ponzi scheme on your behalf – NOT (
No wonder the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and Co. are not exactly mesmerized by the West’s “Shining Capitalist Beacon on the Hill Exceptionalism” propaganda poppycock. That hocus pocus drug quit working a long time ago. In any case, they’re too busy building a better, fairer and more just 21st century for all of us.
Wow, what a novel idea. Who would have thought?
The Vineyard of the Saker
War between Anti-West and Eurangloland heating up fast
Jeff J. Brown

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