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Moon of Alabama — Lebanon - Hariri's Resignation - The Opening Shot Of The Saudi War On Hizbullah

More twists and turns in the snake pit. Here we go again.
Yesterday [Lebanese Prime Minister] Hariri was visited in Beirut by Ali Velayati, a top advisor of the supreme leader Khamenei of Iran. The Saudis did not like either. Thamer's plan was set into motion. They sent a private jet and hauled Hariri to Riyadh. There the Saudi clown prince Mohammad bin Salman gave Hariri his resignation statement (written by Thamer?) to be read by him on Saudi TV. 
Irony alert: The Lebanese PM (with a Saudi passport) resigns on order of Saudi Arabia, in Saudi Arabia, on Saudi Arabian TV. In his Saudi written resignation statement (excerpts) he accuses Iran of foreign meddling in Lebanese politics. 
(Hariri also suddenly claims that there was an assassination planned against him in Lebanon. This is nonsense. The Lebanese internal security organization says it has no knowledge of such a plot. Hariri needs an excuse to stay away from Lebanon and from the wrath of his followers. Saudi media are trying to create some fantastic story from that assassination claim. But there is nothing evident to back it up.)
Moon of Alabama
Lebanon - Hariri's Resignation - The Opening Shot Of The Saudi War On Hizbullah

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"US and Saudi Arabia forced the Lebanese PM to resign in an attempt to counter Hezbollah" - Iranian official - - translated by Samer Hussein

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Expert: Hariri's resignation is a sign that Saudis and U.S-Israel are pursuing a disastrous 'Plan B'
Analysis by Marwa Osman, Lecturer at the Lebanese International University and Maaref University and former host of the political show “The Middle East Stream”

The Western version:

Lebanon PM Hariri resigns, assails Iran and Hezbollah
Angus McDowall, Tom Perry, Sarah Dadouch

Israel is operating militarily within Syria.
Israel’s military said on Friday it was ready to protect a frontier village in Syria held by the Syrian government, where Damascus said jihadist rebels exploded a car killing at least nine people.

The statement was an unusually explicit Israeli pledge to intervene in the war in Syria, where Israeli officials are voicing deeper alarm at the role of Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah, which are fighting alongside the Syrian government.

The Israeli air force says it has struck arms convoys of the Syrian military and Hezbollah nearly 100 times in recent years. Its most recent strike was on Wednesday according to the Syrian government.
Israeli military says ready to protect Druze village in Syria

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Anonymous said...

Oh there are even more twists and turns:>
«Hariri [ ... ] had also been hit by the downturn in the Saudi construction sector, with a company he chaired, Saudi Oger, being unable to pay debts to the kingdom.»

The Hariri family made enormous profits from the reconstruction of Lebanon, financed by UK-like levels of debt.

Saudi Oger's indentured workers instead have been held in appalling conditions in Saudi Arabia without pay or support:
«Abandoned laborers, including nearly 16,000 from India and Pakistan alone, according to their governments, haven’t seen a paycheck in about eight months. Under a system of sponsorship known as kafala that leaves many workers at their employers’ mercy, they’re also not being given the exit visas they need to leave the world’s largest oil exporter. In Saudi Arabia, it’s up to employers to arrange such visas, but before doing so they’d have to pay back wages and end-of-service benefits. Calls made to the Saudi Oger Ltd. and Saudi BinLadin Group construction companies weren’t returned.»

As to the "claims that there was an assassination planned against him in Lebanon. This is nonsense.” they are very credible, this is what NN Taleb writes of the people in his small town:>
«I am the only one of those “notable” former students listed on the Wikipedia page of the Lycée Franco-Libanais, my elementary and high school, whose notability doesn’t originate for having, like my classmates and childhood friends, having being the victim of a successful or attempted assassination.»

It is hard to imagine that there was some interval of time in Lebanon without Hariri's assassination being planned.