Saturday, June 2, 2018

Robert Vienneau — Ideological Innocence Of The Fox News Viewer

This post deals with a set of ideas that I find appealing, but contradictory. I know I do not fully understand many of them. Perhaps somebody who understands more can either agree with me that there are contradictions here or point to some way of resolving them. This post is also more about current events than is typical of my posts....
Not actually about Fox News but rather on the use of analytic concepts in human science — psychology, sociology and political science, and by extension economics and political economy.

Poses questions rather than tendering answers.

The post is especially concerned with refining the broad term "ideology" into an analytic concept by defining boundary conditions. This is both a logical and epistemic matter, dealing with sign use and also mindset and behaviors.

The most is short and compact. It brings up many issues that consistently come up in comments but it also leaves them hanging, as might be expected given the scope of a blog post.

These questions touch upon some of the knottiest and most controversial issues in philosophy, semiotics, and foundational studies.

Thoughts On Economics
Ideological Innocence Of The Fox News Viewer
Robert Vienneau

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