Friday, August 10, 2018

Jack Hunter — Rand Paul Against the World

Apparently Rand Paul is very close to the president and is providing a voice of reason that Trump is listening to above the cacophony of "experts."

The American Conservative
Rand Paul Against the World
Jack Hunter


Kaivey said...

“So let’s understand that the people pushing for regime change in Iran are seeking to destabilize and harm the country…” writes TAC’s Daniel Larison. “Just as many of the same people did when they agitated for regime change in Iraq and again in Syria, they don’t care about the devastation and chaos that the people in the country would have to endure if the policy ‘works.’”

Ron Paul is considered to be portrayer of fake news, but Rand Paul, who the neocons hate, has the presidents ear. No wonder the Deep State and the 'liberal's' still want Trump out.


Bob Roddis said...

Who actually considers Ron Paul to be a "portrayer" of fake news? In reality?

Calgacus said...

He was on the Washington Post list of fake news from "PropOrNot" a couple years back, and I think there was a more recent kerfuffle. For anybody sane - well, you don't have to agree with him or all his principles to see that he is an honest and principled man.

Kaivey said...

I agree with you, Calgacus. I quite like him, until he gets onto libertarianism.

Tom Hickey said...

Good on analysis, ? on solutions.