Thursday, August 2, 2018

John Feffer — The Other Iran War

Tucker Carlson has impeccable conservative credentials.
He started out as a low-level staffer at the Heritage Foundation and now he hosts a popular show on Fox News. In between were stints at The Weekly Standard and the on-line publication he co-founded, The Daily Caller. His often contentious prime-time show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, which now occupies Bill O’Reilly’s former slot at Fox, is third in the cable news ratings war behind Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow.
When Tucker talks, the president listens....
In short, Carlson is an influencer.
Carlson initially supported the Iraq War but then became disenchanted about a year later, along with many others who’d ordered a cakewalk and received a quagmire instead. Now Carlson is warning Trump not to go down the same road as George W. Bush. 
Carlson is also aligned with most Americans on this according to polling.

Feffer's analysis is worth a read.

The Other Iran War
John Feffer
Reprinted, with permission, from Foreign Policy In Focus.

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