Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dr Steve Turley - Macron Backs Down, but the New French Revolution is Just Beginning!!!

This is from a conservative site, but I thought it gave a good summery of what's happening in France.

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Konrad said...

Macron postponed his latest tax increase until just after the European Parliament elections in May 2019. If he had imposed his latest tax increase in Jan 2019 like he wanted, then the French masses would have voted for anti-neoliberals in the next European Parliament elections.

Macron says that because of the postponement of his latest attack, he will further cut social services [to punish the peasants for their impudence].

He is determined to prop up the euro currency that causes France to go deeper and deeper into debt to the bankers. Since income taxes are unpopular, Macron is squeezing the French masses via fuel taxes, while falsely claiming that the tax revenue will “fight global warming.”

In reality the tax revenue will go to France’s banker-creditors.

Meanwhile Macron continues his steady campaign of privatizing everything from health care to education to roads and ports.

Steve Turley correctly notes that in the urban areas, gentrification makes housing prices unaffordable, while in the rural areas there are no jobs. Macron’s repeated increases in fuel taxes (to pay the bankers) disproportionately hurts white rural dwellers.

Steve Turley refers to rural people caught in Macron’s trap as “peripherals.” Turley notes that between 2004 and 2013 the French government spent 40 billion euros to build housing projects for non-white people in urban areas, but spent nothing to help white people in rural areas. These white people feel ignored and forgotten.

Steve Turley says the new French Revolution is just beginning. That may be true, but the French will not truly revolt until the food runs out, or becomes too expensive to obtain. That’s what triggered the 1789 Revolution. The masses will submit to endless abuse until the food runs out. Then the revolt is unstoppable.

Neoliberalism, inequality, and France’s debt load will make the Second French Revolution inevitable, but we don’t yet know when it will happen.

For this coming Saturday (8 Dec 2018) all police and gendarme units will be mobilized, as will reserves. All police vacations have been cancelled.