Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Links — 5 Dec 2018

Oriental Review
Is China Really More “Dystopian” Than The UK?
Andrew Korybko

Renegade, Inc.
We are all Julian Assange
Daniel Margrain

Consortium News
Yellow Jackets Rise Against Neo-Liberal ‘King’ Macron
Diana Johnstone

Can Corporate Media Be Any Worse…

Venezuela Is Not a Sponsor of Terrorism
Lissett Hernandez | chargé d'affaires for the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Trump: China should use death penalty for distributors of Fentanyl, ‘results will be incredible’

Kabul ready to talk with Taliban without preconditions, discuss changes to Constitution - official

Sputnik International
Kiev Deploying Offensive Forces to Donbass, Military Actions Possible - Moscow

Countries hosting US systems to become targets for Russia if US leaves INF — General Staff

Russia boosting its nuclear forces’ potential due to US missile shield

US planned to ditch INF in advance, now seeks reason why it should – Putin on Pompeo ultimatum

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