Monday, December 3, 2018

French Police remove helmets to show solidarity with the people against Macron


Konrad said...

This is why the French government is paying masked Antifa hooligans (young males) to go on violent rampages, as I explained in a previous comment.

The “yellow vest” protest is peaceful, but government-sponsored thug violence will force the police to shut it down, even if the police sympathize with the main protest.

Government-sponsored vandalism also turns the general public against the overall peaceful protesters. It also legitimizes Macron’s refusal to bend. (“I will not submit to violence.”)

This trick is standard practice among repressive governments.

The protest is against rising prices and falling living standards. It is not just against endlessly rising fuel taxes which, contrary to government lies, are not “green taxes” meant for “environmental improvement.”

Macron is a pure neoliberal. A five-foot-tall investment banker installed as president by the rich elite.

Kaivey said...

It's a superb bit of footage which needs to be archived!

Andrew Anderson said...

Long live the French!


Long live Nationalism that different systems may be compared and contrasted.