Saturday, December 1, 2018

Gordon Dimmach - CNN commentator fired after Pro-Palestine speech at UN


Konrad said...

Commentator Ann Coulter responded to this with a witty Tweet . . .

"At least this will put an end to the 'Jews-control-the-media' slander."

Incidentally Marc Lamont Hill constantly bashed white people on CNN, but he was purged when he called for justice for everyone, including Palestinians.

Somebody in Coulter’s Twitter thread wrote, “Jewish Power is the biggest threat to western civilization there is. Every other problem facing the white Christian West derives from it.”

I disagree. I say that the biggest threat to Western civilization is average people’s selfishness.

Consider: why do accusations of “anti-Semitism” or “sexual harassment” have extreme power? The reason is that average people use them as weapons to destroy their competitors and advance their own careers. Men can move up the ladder by accusing their bosses of “anti-Semitism” and “holocaust denial.” Or by getting some woman to accuse the boss of rape. In the age of #MeToo, no proof or evidence is needed.

In other words, the reason why Jews and #MeToo have so much power is that a large percentage of non-Jews and males are always looking for ways to destroy their competitors.

Konrad said...

Here is another example...

#MeToo has now targeted Neil DeGrass Tyson for allegedly raping a woman 44 years ago. The woman accusing him has no memory of this "rape," and cannot remember any details about, but she says it happened anyway.

The person who is pushing for Tyson's destruction is not the woman, but a man named David G. McAfee, who hopes to advance his career as a "journalist" (i.e. blogger) by destroying Tyson.

This is why #MeToo has such power. Men use #MeToo to destroy other men.