Saturday, December 1, 2018

Jimmy Dore - Guardian Busted For Bogus Assange Story

Jimmy Dore hilarious send up of the Guardian's propaganda hit piece on Assange.


Konrad said...

I didn’t realize that the liar who fabricated the Paul Manafort hoax for the Guardian was Luke Harding, who put out that disgraceful book Collusion last year.

Harding is a leading proponent of the Russia-gate hoax, the Skripal hoax, and so on. No matter how often he is exposed as a liar, he keeps going.

“Which goes to show you that if you lie in the service of the establishment, you’ll always have a job.” ~ Jimmy Dore

Footsoldier said...

Tom, Matt,

You have got to listen to this. I've sent it directly to Mike and have been speaking to Mike about it over the last week or so.

All of this was brought to my attention last week.

This is what oil experts have been saying since June this year and so far everything they have been saying has come true. What they've been predicting has happened.

There's been a paradigm shift in the oil markets and if true changes the whole macro picture. Changes everything !

The interview starts 20 mins in we have to find out what the hell is going on here.

Up to you guys but might be worth while posting the video up to get a discussion started around it.

Matt you've got to get your head around this.