Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jim Rogers in perspective

Here's a great blog post I came across that puts Rogers in perspective.

"The man is arrogant, rude and ignorant to a degree even beyond that to which I have become accustomed after a long career in finance. I have never met him - but from his letter, I imagine him very short, and having great difficulty getting laid. His comically insecure arrogance is reminiscent of the Proust's pathetic Baron de Charlus. Profound insecurity transpires everywhere; he is driven to continually remind us of his brilliance, with the corollary that anyone who disagrees with him is not merely misinformed, but is indeed a total fool, deserving only of his scorn. Common courtesy seems alien to him.

Yes, he can drive a bike; indeed, he has made some money (he repeatedly reminds us of what a genius he is - although perhaps "Fooled by Randomness" would be a rather better reference than "Money Masters of our Time.")."

"Ordinarily, I would not stoop to arguments ad hominem, but Rogers' rudeness goes far beyond anything one ordinarily encounters in discussions amongst supposedly sane people. He affirms his intellectual superiority by screeching 'You really should have kept your mouth shut'
- his stylistic genius by starting paragraphs with 'Oh my' and 'my goodness'. and this gentleman claims to be a writer?"

"Apparently, a successful career in money management has done nothing to shelter his fragile ego. When he tells us that "All the public is extremely aware (sic) of my record of investing in many markets all over the world for many years" (verily, it thinks of nothing else!) and ends his note by inserting a book review from Amazon.com - surely the ante-room to the Noble prize - he goes from the sublime to the grotesque."

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