Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Listeners of the Mike Norman Show on BizRadio get it!

Dear Mike:

I am a CEO of a small Pink Sheet company here in Houston and listen to you almost every day. I just want to thank you for speaking out on economic and political issues and giving us the information we need to understand the economic issues of the day and to further our understanding of public and private finance. Your web site is very well organized and informative. The lack of understanding by elected officials of our monetary system is the root cause of many of our economic problems. I also commend you on introducing us to people such as the President of and Mark Mitchell whose site has exposed what is really going on in what has become a totally unregulated market place. I believe my own small Pink Sheet company was also hit with naked shorting although is is hard to prove. Thanks once again for you great contribution to our knowledge base and keep it coming.




The Remley Family said...

Mike: plant shut downs in alabama are not analogous to those of the us auto-makers as you asserted in your show today. First, per uaw contracts production shut downs still require the big 3 to pay laid-off workers (even if laid-off temporarily). This is still a large drain on cash for the big 3. Mercedes, Hyundai and Toyota of alabama can conserve cash by not paying laid off workers. Also, what is your evidence that by allowing mercedes, toyota and hyundai plants to operate in alabama, Shelby has surpressed the standard of living in the state?

C'mon Mike!

Shims said...

Mike, I just watched this video:

1.2MM views. Schiff gave you the royal smackdown.

Your tag team partner in the video looked like Brett Hart too.

Manicmech said...

I just saw the Youtube clip too! YOU SUCK MIKE! YOU ARE FULL OF CRAP.


Anonymous said...

I saw the youtube video on Jon Stewart. I was in complete awe at the lack of respect Mike showed to Peter.

Now Peter is the last one laughing.

You've got zero credibility now.


Anonymous said...

It is a good show, he is always with the right information, and one step ahead of everybody.

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