Monday, January 19, 2009

More Americans Joining Military as Jobs Dwindle

I've long argued that the military is functioning to provide more and more of the social services, education, health care and jobs of this nation. We allow this because as a nation we are not comfortable with direct government funding of things things. We see deficits, or we view it as socialism, however, when it occurs in this stealth fashion--via the military--we are okay with that. It's a terribly inefficient way to go about providing these basic needs of society and it should be morally reprehensible to us that some young people will go to war and die when all they really wanted was an education, health care and a job. It's also not fair to the many professional soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who dedicate their lives to a military career.

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Billy said...

I used to like Santelli. I have not had a TV since April '08 and ever then I watched Bloomberg - CNBC was only on Fed day. Years ago he seemed to be the voice of reason in the morning. I am not sure what happened.

Perhaps Mike could have Rick Santelli on the radio some day.


mike norman said...

Yes, he's lost it. Completely doesn't understand monetary ops and reserve accounting, etc.