Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama names special watchdog for federal spending

More examples of fiscal conservatives setting the agenda.

Obama creating a new White House post: "Chief Performance Officer."

Definitely sounds like a private sector concept. Embodies the concept of government as a profit seeking enterprise. This is bad.

"President-elect Barack Obama said Wednesday that reforming massive government entitlement programs -- such as Social Security and Medicare -- would be "a central part" of his effort to control federal spending."


Over 3 million unsold cars
Over 5 million unsold homes
10 million people without a job
Only 70 percent industrial capacity use
40 million people without health care, but the services there for them
Half the families in America that can't afford to send their kids to college but the space is there for them

It is IMPOSSIBLE for the government to overspend.

Fiscal vigilance now is like limiting calorie intake for a dying anorexic!

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