Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just How Right Is Jim Rogers?

Nice piece about just how WRONG Jim Rogers has been. Losing tons of money due to adherence to inapplicable paradigms. Just like I said weeks ago: I've been making a lot of money by fading Rogers' recommendations.

He told viewers back in July that he was bullish on airline stocks, without being specific. "I am buying airlines, the capacity is going down and the demand is still there," he said. The Standard & Poor's airline index has fallen by 47 percent since then.

In October, he boldly warned against the folly of the bond-market rally and claimed short positions in long-term government bonds. Since then, 10-year Treasury yields have fallen by 65 basis points, 30-years yields by 55 basis points -- in the face of record supply announcements from the US government.

Attempts to contact Rogers late Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Read story here.

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