Friday, February 6, 2009

Toyota sees first annual net loss since 1950

Maybe now some will start to realize that Detroit's problems are not unique. Even Toyota is losing money, not because it's not "viable," but because of a weak economy. Fix the economy and you fix the automakers, and the banks, and the credit markets, and the housing market, etc.


googleheim said...

how do we not know that Toyota faked at least ONE of the 58 profitable years just not to "lose face" and all that ?

shall we tell kyoto to floss the whale meat out of her teeth ?
it's rather repugnant.

i am ready to boycott Citgo even if the local stations are privately owned.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. I'd be thrilled of you watch this presentation.

I'd ove to hear what you think about it.

mike norman said...


I listened to some of the chapters. Very slick presentation, no doubt, however, the same flawed analysis. Mostly doesn't understand that for ever dollar borrowed there is a dollar saved. Also intersting that he invokes David Walker and says, "The U.S. Gov't is insolvent," when I have Walker saying on my show that "there is no question of solvency."

Also, studies I've seen show world population declining in about 40 years because of rising living standards, women working, having babies later in life,etc.

But clearly very well crafted (like Al Gore's, "An Inconvenient Truth"), a wonderful propaganda piece. He will no doubt convince a lot of people.