Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's betrayal: No Iraqi peace dividend

Here's a dirty little secret that the liberals won't tell you. (That is, if they are even aware!)

There has been no Iraqi "Peace Dividend" so far under President Obama.

In the first quarter of this year, spending on national defense has declined by 1.1%,yet non-defense spending has only increased by 1,0%--a net loss in overall spending.

On the other hand, in the fourth quarter of 2008, defense spending under President Bush dropped 0.3% from the prior quarter and non-defense spending jumped 3.4%, meaning that President Bush gave the nation more of a "peace dividend" than the current, democratic/liberal president.

Sadly, most Republicans would probably be angry at Bush over this. They're too stupid to see how smart Bush really was!


googleheim said...

i'd wait and see when and if Obama places things in overdrive

i am listening to Phils' Gang on bizradio, and everything about housing is the Democrats' fault

but he is saying that Fannie and Freddie put tax payers on the hook for the demise

however he does not understand that the free market should have been able to take care of $30 to even $100 billion worth of foreclosures

phil grande also is a nim-commie-poop about the the 30 to 1 leverage by wall street banker fascists who are the real products of Bush and Greenspan deregulation in fact no regulation such that the cdo's and swaps multiplied by 30 or evern more cannot be mopped up by the free market.

ergo : phil grande is a GOP boy scout debt terrorist wanna bee who does not understand macro economics.

XX qed XX

mike norman said...

Yes, Goog, as always, right on!

Matt Franko said...

Add to the banking sector the lack of regulation in the oil/commodity markets either. Mike did the best reporting I ever saw on the unfettered speculation in commodities and had the data and facts to back it all up. Bush/Paulson reply: Free Market!; it destroyed the economy undeniably now in hindsight.
Mike reported that Sen Norm Colemans own Senate Committee on Investigations identified speculation in commodities as having the most influence on rising commodity prices, Coleman ignored his own report. and now it looks like he will lose his senate seat to joker Al Franken, he deserves it.


mike norman said...

Yes Matt, that's right. However, even withe Dems in control, I am skeptical that any meaningful anti-spec legislation will be passed. With many Wall Streeters holding top policy posts, it seems a long shot that things will change.