Sunday, October 3, 2010

From rocket scientist to hamburger flipper

Another sad consequence of the crazy belief system that has us cutting spending and investment. NASA is laying off thousands of scientists, technicians and engineers. Many will become hamburger flippers.

What a sad and terrible and IRRATIONAL loss this is. The greatest assemblage of scientists, technicians and engineers the world has ever seen will be dispersed forever. And why? Because of some crazy belief system that makes us think we can only fix the economy by cutting the budget.

In the meantime, the Chinese are boosting their space programs. It's just another example of how we are literally handing the Chinese our leadership and dominance in so many areas.

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Unknown said...

Well.......we'll be reverse engineering their top secret stuff in a few years and just think of all the money we'll be saving not doing all that trial & error R&D!!!

Ryan Harris said...

Hamburger flipper isn't too far off. One engineer friend at Johnson Space Center in Houston, who worked on the shuttle program, has begun working on crown molding, paint and floors in the houses he is renting out for a living instead of engineering. A sad waste for a Phd engineer with a flawless academic and professional record.. Our grand kids can dream of being renters instead of exploring the universe in rocket ships.