Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welfare, weakened under Clinton, becomes the missing piece in the safety net!

Prisons will become the "new" welfare system as ordinarily law-abiding citizens are forced to steal in order to feed their families or get money to survive. More and more people will be put in jail as a result.

It's just like the military--how it has become a quasi, social services, health, education and labor administration. The military provides jobs, health care, pays for college education and provides social services and even housing. This is in addition to its originally intended role of ensuring national defense. All because as a nation we refuse to separate these social functions and expenditures/investments into fully funded agencies and administrations. The burden, therefore, falls on the military. Some kids die just because they wanted a college education. Some parents are killed or maimed just because they wanted health care. How immoral is that???

Now we will allow the prison system (which is brutal) provide welfare services (three square meals a day) to ordinarily law abiding citizens because an irrational and out of control belief that cutting the deficit comes before basic human needs. This is a total abrogation of the function of government, in my opinion. We are forcing people to live like animals, then locking them up, so that we cut the deficit???

Sick, totally sick!

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Ryan Harris said...
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ash17 said...

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