Thursday, May 5, 2011

Debt ceiling countdown: $12 bln left

$12 billion left under current limit.

All figures in millions $.


Ryan Harris said...

Sec. Geithner thinks 12bln will be enough to keep the ACHs flowing until August? He must have a rabbit up his sleeve!

Matt Franko said...

right it looks like he has to do something....

You know, I think the TARP funds that were issued to the banks and then "paid back" are in some sort of "limbo" status at Treasury.

IOW, Congress approved about 350B. most of which went out, then it came back to the Treasury account, and I think the Treasury may still have those funds available to them in some way... Geithner holding them in reserve in case the banks got into trouble again.... I could be wrong about this... but I think the amount is over $100B...

He must have something up his sleeve though... Mike has posited 'sell gold'.

I think that they have to do something in the next few days..