Sunday, May 15, 2011

IMF Head Arrested, Accused of Sexual Assault

You can't make this stuff up. Story at VOA here.

Looks like he was trying to pull a Roman Polanski and get back to France:
"Police say when they arrived at the hotel, Strauss-Kahn had already left for the airport, leaving behind his mobile phone and other personal items."
Looks like the IMF is going to get former J P Morgan and current IMF official John Lipsky to take over.


beowulf said...

"Police say the French national was pulled from his first class seat on an airplane Saturday evening that was just minutes before taking off for Paris."

Ha ha, that must have been a gut punch when he saw the cops walk on the plane. Great work by NYPD IDing him and getting that flight held so quickly.

Matt's Roman Polanski point is dead on-- France doesn't extradite its citizens to the US. Imagine the political uproar if Strauss-Kahn had made it home free.

Matt Franko said...


I also read that this guy was perhaps going to run against Sarkozy in the upcoming French elections from the socialist Party... he is apparently a former French govt official. (btw the story says he is 62, he looks 72!)

Anonymous said...

The rush to judgment looks like it was way too rushed. Perhaps now he'll be hailed as a homecoming hero in France and elected to the Presidency in a landslide. Allez!