Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forget infrastructure for increasing jobs

Watch it at ABC News
U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms



Matt Franko said...


If we would let them, the Chinese would have their military HALO in people to cut our grass for $25.

They are like zombies in a mindless pursuit of obtaining ever increasing balances of the premiere western financial assets.

This has been the worlds history since the formation of western civilization.... same-o, same-o.


Ryan Harris said...

The states would rather give up tax revenue! And pay out unemployment than have to take federal dollars for a construction project... Goofy. I wonder if a large New Deal type projects could happen now with the current state of regulations.

Adam2 said...

good news ... redditors don't believe in the balanced budget myth.

Adam2 said...

check out this comment from that reddit post above...

"As a multi-million dollar hedge fund manager, this fails to take into account that the United States is a currency issuer not a currency user like a US household.
TLDR; The United States does not need to balance its budget, unlike a household"

MMT is getting out into the masses.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I posted in that thread as Delgursh.

I got a bunch of upvotes so far coming from an MMT perspective. At least people are listening.

Warren or some other MMTers should do a reddit AmA. That would be big if it gained steam.

Adam2 said...
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Adam2 said...

awesome Delgursh,

I like this post in the comments.

"This is very bad information. explains something called "modern monetary theory" and comparing a household who is not the issuer of a currency with the US Government is misleading and ultimately advocates for contractionary fiscal policy." - from someone named horayforlogic