Monday, December 19, 2011

UK Police put Occupy on ‘terror’ list

City of London Police have sparked controversy by producing a brief in which the Occupy London movement is listed under domestic terrorism/extremism threats to City businesses.

The document was given to protesters at their “Bank of Ideas” base on Sun Street – a former site of financial corporation UBS. City police have stepped up an effort to quell the movement since they occupied the building on 18 November, with the document stating: “It is likely that activists aspire to identify other locations to occupy, especially those they identify with capitalism.
“Intelligence suggests that urban explorers are holding a discussion at the Sun Street squat. This may lead to an increase in urban exploration activity at abandoned or high profile sites in the capital.” The Occupy movement is listed alongside threats posed by theRevolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia(FARC), Al Qaeda and Belarusian terrorists.  
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by Adam Parris-Long | Yahoo! News 

Conspiracy theory no longer. Lock down on Wall Street and the City.

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