Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Conservation In The Time Of Control Fraud

(Commentary posted by Roger Erickson.)

Conservation In The Time Of Control Fraud

This is an interesting story on the role of Hank Paulson in personally funding conservation in China.

What are your thoughts while considering Hank Paulson simultaneously involved in conservation PLUS epic financial looting the last 15 years?

That brings up contradictory implications of Biblical proportions. Forget Peter, Hank's been robbing the entire US MiddleClass to pay Paulson, and apparently feels compelled to do penance by conserving some but not all habitats.

Maybe Hank's funding a private reserve for Control Frauds, so they'll never again have to get down on bended knee in front of their victims & accomplices.

Wouldn't Middle Classes everywhere do a far better job of conserving their own environments if they weren't robbed blind beforehand? No habitat for the human Middle Class?

Methinks "Herr-los" Paulson is uselessly robbing his own mirror here. He can't see the conservation for the robbery, so he vainly pursues one in order to try to personally fund the other.

Hank, Hank, Hank. Just give it a rest? NeoLiberalism is not a prerequisite for Christian Scientists.

A surprising inability to see the big picture? Or a massive, purposeful Control Fraud, and an outright traitor to his own nation, in more ways than one. So far, no court has subpoenaed Hank to find out, nor investigated him thoroughly enough to display the implications for an American ex Middle Class that has yet to decide how to respond to Hank's weirdly selective conservation efforts.


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