Monday, November 24, 2014

Robert Parry — Possible Motives for Ousting Hagel

Six years into his presidency, Obama still doesn’t seem to understand that just because some people have impressive credentials doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. Indeed, in a profoundly corrupted system – like the one that now controls Official Washington – rewards are handed out to people who serve the corrupt interests or at least don’t get in the way. 
In a time of corruption, the countervailing forces of wisdom and courage will never be found among the credentialed, but rather among the outcasts of the establishment, those who were forced to the margins because they objected to the venality, because they stood up against misguided “group think.” 
But Obama has been unwilling – or possibly unable – to come to grips with this reality. Despite his personal intelligence and rhetorical skills, Obama never has been willing to challenge people cloaked in credentials – those who went to the best schools, worked at big-name firms, won prestigious awards or held fellowships at famous think tanks. 
The tragedy of Obama is that I’m told that he understands the stupidity of the modern U.S. establishment and does sometimes consult with “realists” who offer practical advice for how he can resolve some of the most nettlesome problems facing the United States around the world. But he does so virtually in secret, with what politicians like to call “deniability.”
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Possible Motives for Ousting Hagel
Robert Parry

See also Paul Pillar, The Risks of No Iran-Nuke Deal

The actual risk to the US, although Pillar doesn't mention it, is China stepping in. A Russian, Chinese, Iran alliance would really give the neocons heartburn, and this seems to be the trajectory in which US (neocon) intransigence is pushing.

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